Sonerien Du




SONERIEN DU : 4 decades of Breton music

Formed in 1972 by a group of friends-musicians who accompanied the Cercle Celtique (traditional dancers) of PONT-L’ABBÉ (capital of the Bigouden area in south-western Brittany). They set up the band to play at festou Noz. Who would have thought that 40 years later, SONERIEN DU would still rank as one of the leading bands of today’s Breton scene ???


SONERIEN DU Back in the early 70s rode the first « CELTIC WAVE », driven by Alan Stivell, leader of the Celtic Revival, along with Tri Yann, Gilles Servat, etc … The group quickly earned a good reputation, and performed everywhere, in Brittany, of course, in France, but also abroad in marathon-tours that made them travel Europe in all directions, from Conquet to Vienna, from Oslo to Porto !!!!


Nearly one million kilometers traveled in all weathers, more than 4,000 concerts and festou Noz that led hundreds of thousands of fans of Breton dances to lash the gavotte, plinn, an dro and ridées of all kinds … Every major event of music and Celtic culture in Europe has hosted SONERIEN DU at least once in their lives …


With a solid career/experience (23 albums released!), SONERIEN DU have sailed across four decades keeping as young as ever, well nearly! Certainly the staff changed as the years passed by. The last of the « pioneers », Jean-Pierre LE CAM, after 41 years of good & loyal service, was replaced in September 2013 by Christophe RUNARVOT, now the newbie member, who took over the job on vocals & bass . The Show must go on … !!!


The music, too, has evolved over time from an acoustic basis in the 70’s to a more punchier sound still incorporating traditional instruments (bombards / pipes / fiddle / mandolin / accordion / vocals) to a rock ‘n roll rhythmic frame (guitar / bass / drums / keyboards), with definite modern inspiration, but with constant respect of the dances … And, always in a friendly and festive atmosphere !!!!

(Translations Louis-Jacques Suignard & Anna Suignard-Bouliou)